Ashlie Smith

Sycamore Grange
Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom
01406 330226


"Ashlie was very flexible as I was delayed and anxious. She gave me so much time and enabled me to calm and express myself in the session. It brought together lots of prior reflections and her warmth and expertise was brilliant. It gave me something constructive to go away with. Very generous. Wonderful home / clinic environment." KM
"Fantastic session, surprised what I got out of it. Really helped me understand things!" ES
"It was an amazing experience to feel the change in my feelings so quickly. Ashlie explained things in an amazing way which was very understandable." HS
"I was made to feel very comfortable and achieved everything and more that I'd hoped for and left feeling empowered!" PK
"The session was thoroughly enjoyable and completely changed the way I was feeling stuck in a painful, negative and upsetting train of thoughts and emotions." BD
"Always made to feel at ease and Ashlie is so genuine and lovely. I felt very comfortable. Ashlie is very intuitive." AJ
AFT was something I had become vaguely aware of through the internet. With a little information to hand and an overwhelming desire to rebuild my life again, I went along not honestly expecting any real or lasting change to my emotional state. Within the session, nothing initially appeared to happen; indeed I began to wonder what all the fuss had been about concerning AFT. However, little by little, solid, haunting, intransigent images began to fade away to nothing as if they had found a way of escape. By the end of the session, I walked out feeling incredibly reinvigorated, ready to tackle life head on again. To me, something inexplicable occurred that day, a miracle. Just for the record, that was six months ago and I've not looked back. Solicitor
I love this work!!! The Aroma Freedom Technique is so amazing and transforming. It has changed my life and my clients. What would normally take years to process is literally only taking one session and a short tune up. The privacy factor and gentleness of the process is especially priceless. AFT is a gift of relief to so many in pain physically and mentally. Registered Nurse
I love how easily it is to find and release blocks that have been holding me back for years. Parent

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